Wedding Photography

You can count on me

After more than 250 weddings, 8 years behind the camera and countless (literally!) numbers of happy testimonials, you can rest assured that I 'get' weddings.

 I started in 2012 after three of my siblings got married in one year (with me as a bridesmaid for each) and I realised how much I love weddings. I offered to photograph my science teacher's special day, even though I had only just turned 16. It's safe to say that the wedding went well and was the beginning of my long, happy journey as a young wedding photographer, and now my passion for it is bigger and brighter than ever.

'You will never beat that moment when it is just you and a bride, the moment before she enters the ceremony. She is filled with every emotion and it is only you there to help her. I love it more than anything and will always treasure the amazing moments I've had in the past 8 years. I'm just so excited to make more over the next 8!'


Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding 'packages' confuse me...

I find a lot of people end up paying for hours that they don't actually need. So, I have decided to simplify it...

Every wedding couple that books gets a FREE photo shoot with me prior to the wedding. You don't have to do it, but I find it is great for us to get to know each other.

We will also have a meeting prior to the wedding to discuss your wedding day - this is where I work out all the ways I can be as helpful as possible for you!

Up to 3 hours @ £200/hour

Up to 6 hours @ £150/hour

Full day coverage £1500

(Travel is extra out of the South West)

If you'd like two photographers, then one of my wonderful assistants can join me for an extra £300

You will receive a memory stick with all your edited high-resolution photos from the wedding day (roughly 700). I suggest that, when booking a photographer, you check how long it takes them to get your images back to you. 

My Guarantee – You will always receive your images within two weeks of your wedding day!

I have a few extras that I offer, in case you were wondering...

  • One A4 70-page Lay-Flat hardback photo book – You choose the photos for this, as my favourite shots will be different to your favourites.


  • One A4 26-page softcover photo book – Great for parents! Again, you choose the photos for this.


  • One extra memory stick – These have been popular for relatives and friends that live far away.


  • Have your images in an online gallery.


  • Personalised Thank you cards .